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Our Story

The owner Danielle "D.P" Phillips went to school for baking at George Brown college to further gain knowledge in the baking industry. This all started as a small child watching Carlisle Phillips (grandfather) always cooking for family and friends, but most importantly became a chef in his late teens back home in Barbados before he immigrated from Barbados to Canada in the early 1960's in order to provide his large brood with a better life in Canada. Danielle "D.P" Phillips started baking for friends, family, classmates, did a couple of odd jobs to pay for schooling and still to this day, making money on the side baking for anybody that needs to bring a dessert to an important function. Our vision is to strengthen the brand across Toronto, by selling baked goods of fresh, wholesome, good quality to connect the ultimate foodie to dive in to their inner indulgences. Our Mission to provide the best, tastiest, delicious, scrumptious hand made baked goods. "If it isn't Bajan, it isn't baking!"

©2017 Bajan Bakery Café

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